Rules & Regulations

2nd WCBF Sibu Badminton Championships 2023

Event Information:

1. Sanction by: World Chinese Badminton Federation
2. Host: World Chinese Badminton Federation, Sibu Branch
3. Event Organizers: World Chinese Badminton Federation, Sibu Branch
4. Tournament Date & Timing Friday 25th Aug 2023 to Sun 27th Aug 2023
5. Venue Catholic High School Stadium,
No 1 Jln Lanang, Pekan Sibu Sibu Sarawak
6. Reporting TIME and PLACE Catholic High School Stadium,
No 1 Jln Lanang, Pekan Sibu Sibu Sarawak
Thursday 24th Aug 2023
7. Registration Start Date 1 July 2023


The tournament comprises AMATEUR and Open categories of the following events in each category:

(1) Men’s Doubles   (2) Women’s Doubles   (3) Mixed Doubles

9. The events in the Amateur Category are:

  1. Age from 40-44
  2. Age from 45-49,
  3. Age from 50-54,
  4. Age from 55-59.
  5. Age from 60-64,
  6. Age from 65-69
  7. Age 70 and above
  8. Combined Age 80 Above group (min 40 yrs)
  9. Combined Age 90 Above group (min 40 yrs)
  10. Combined Age 100 Above group (min 45 yrs)
  11. Combined Age 110 Above group (min 50 yrs)
  12. Combined Age 120 Above group (min 55 yrs)
  13. Combined Age 130 Above group (min 60 yrs)
  14. Combined Age 140 Above group (min 65 yrs)
  15. Parent and child ( no age limit,  can be either of these combination: father/son, father/daughter, mother/son, mother/daughter)
  16. Husband and wife (no age limit. Must provide marriage certificate upon request)

10. Open Categories ( RM2000/pair for Champion and RM1200/pair for runner up)


  1.  All badminton enthusiasts are welcomed to participate in this competition irrespective of nationality and/or race. Players participating in this competition have to be responsible for themselves and be in good health condition. Only accidental injury suffered during the Match will only be covered by the Insurance for the players taken up for the competition.
  2. Registration can be made in GROUP or by INDIVIDUAL. The Entry Fee for each player is RM$120 (regardless of participating one or two events)
  3. Each player is allowed only to participate in 2 Events. (Either 2 same age categories or 1 age and 1 combined age category/Parent and Child/ Husband and Wife)
  4. Older Age player are allowed to participate in Event of Lower Age and not vice-versa. All players are to participate in the same age group for their 2 enrolled age categories.


  1. Every Match will be decided by a Game of 31 rally points system. At 16 points, both players shall change ends. No additional point shall be added at 30-All.
  2. Every Category’s Format of play will be dependent on the number of players participating in each category. (Single knockout)
  3. Any No-Show by player in the court by 5 minutes will be deemed as forfeiting the match. If there are conflicts in Match Schedule, a 10 minutes rest can be granted for the consecutive match. All players with conflicts in their Match schedule can register with the Organiser and / or discuss with the Tournament Referee or the Match Referee in advance.
  4. The Tournament Referee reserve the rights to re-adjust the TIME and the Court for play. Affected players are not allowed to protest.
  5.  All players are responsible to show their PHOTO IDENTIFICATION before the Match. Any failure to proof their Identity, the REFEREE has the right to forfeit the Match. Local players can be verified with their personal Identification Card. Foreign players can be verified by their PHOTO in their Passport.


  1. The tournament information and registration and contact are as follows:
  2. WCBF Sarawak Website (

14.  Registration Contact

  1. Johan Ko   –  +6010 402 1123
  2. Philip Wong – +60168798855
  3. YK Chou – +60 198862026
  4. Bryan Wong – +60128091113

15.  Registration Deadline

  1. Closing Date – By 10 Aug 2023
  2. All successful registration name list will be published within 3 days after the registration system closed.
  3. The rule of match will be published 10 days before the tournament starts.
  4. All participants are also requested to indicate their T-shirts SIZE upon registration
  5. Players reporting: TBD
  6. Team managers meeting: TBD

16.  Registration Fee

  1. The registration can be done in a group (10 person excluding team manager and coaches) or individual. RM120 per person (regardless of participating in 1 or 2 events). Players who are above age of 80 (inclusive) are exempted from registration fee.
  2. Each players will be given a 1 X T-shirt (regardless one or two events
  3. The players who forfeit the game will not be refunded with the registration fee.

17.  Payment Methods

  1. Credit card payment and online banking (fpx) are available from the registrstion page in . The payment is not refundable once it is paid.

18.  Awards/ Prizes

  1. Top 2 of each category shall be given medal, certificate and rackets.
  2. Certificate shall be given to the semi-finalist

19.  No price giving ceremony will be held for the amateur group competition, and the winners will receive the prizes at the designated place

20.  All impersonation of players or violation will have their MATCH forfeited and all their enrolled Events CANCELLED. In addition, ALL VIOLATORS shall be suspended from participation for 1 year.

21.  Organisers reserve the right to make decisions for the players and competition

22.  Others Matters and Expenditure

  1. All transportation, Hotel Accommodation and any medical fees incurred will be borne by respective players
  2. Airport Transport / Hotel /Tour: Please refer to
  3. Competition Details and Hotel information and Tour information can be obtained in the
  4. The Organization Committee will provide tournament shuttlecocks and a sponsor T-shirts. All players are requested to wear the sponsor T-shirts on the first day of match. Doubles players are encouraged to wear the same kind of T-shirts.
  5. Farewell dinner and other events to be advised.

Tshirt Sizes

Please refer to the chart below for the t-shirt sizes.